Monitoring the effectiveness of systems for inclusive education is a clear policy priority for many European countries.

The Agency’s Mapping the Implementation of Policy for Inclusive Education (MIPIE) project suggests that data that examines the effectiveness of systems for inclusive education must consider: initial assessment procedures, the on-going involvement of learners and their families in educational experiences and the effectiveness of learning environments in overcoming barriers and supporting meaningful learning experiences for all learners.

At national level, data should:

  • Facilitate planning and the monitoring of resources and personnel;
  • Determine the effectiveness of teacher education;
  • Evaluate system cost-effectiveness.

At school level, data collection should:

  • Provide information supporting teachers and school staff to plan and deliver appropriate support and provision;
  • Give clear insights into how parents and learners are enabled to take a full part in the educational process. 

More information can be found on the MIPIE project web area.

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