In order to break down stereotypes we must first question the concept of ‘normality’.

During the European Hearing organised by the Agency in co-operation with the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union in 2015, the young delegates discussed about the importance of ‘Breaking down stereotypes’.

They highlighted that if we accept that everybody is different, then who is ‘normal’? Good information is required, among others about anti-discrimination and anti-bullying, to ensure this important idea is accepted. Relevant information needs to be addressed to teachers, school staff – including management – classmates, families and any services involved in the school, in order to change attitudes.

The best result will be mutual respect and tolerance. Diversity is not a challenge, but a positive and normal situation; disability is not abnormal; tolerance is based on understanding each other. They highlighted that attitudes need to change to be considered for what they CAN do and not for their disability.

For more information about the European Hearing entitled ‘Inclusive Education: Take Action! Luxembourg Recommendations’, see the synthesis report on the event.

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