Agency position on inclusive education systems – Second edition

This paper presents the update to the Agency’s position on inclusive education systems, published in 2015. It sets out a vision for the essential features of inclusive education systems, agreed by Agency member countries.

A separate Background Information Paper presents the evidence and literature that informed this 2022 update of the Agency position paper. 

This position paper retains the vision for inclusive education systems outlined in the first edition from 2015, that ‘all learners of any age are provided with meaningful, high-quality educational opportunities in their local community, alongside their friends and peers’.

The position presented in the paper is fully in line with European Union and international stated priorities for education.

Download the position flyer below in all Agency languages.

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children’s /learners’ rights
early childhood education
family involvement
learners' voices
organisation of provision
policy implementation
raising achievement
school leadership
teacher education

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