Celebrating 25 years on the path to inclusive education

This book celebrates 25 years of the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education. It begins with messages from the Agency’s Chair and the Director, followed by sections on: 

  • The organisation and its member countries: it looks at the Agency’s work for and with member countries. 
  • Looking back: the Agency’s history across a quarter of a century. 
  • Reflections on changes and developments in thinking around inclusive education. 
  • Looking forward: considering what the future may hold for the Agency. 

Throughout this book, there are statements from colleagues and member country representatives outlining the Agency’s influence on them and their work.

The book serves as a snapshot of the Agency’s work. The information here should interest those who have followed the Agency’s progress throughout the years, as well as those new to its work.

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children’s/learners’ rights
compulsory education
country policy review
data collection
digital education
early childhood education
early school leaving
family involvement
individual country support
information accessibility
information and communication technology
international co-operation
learners' voices
lifelong learning
multicultural diversity
organisation of provision
policy analysis
policy development
policy implementation
post-compulsory education
pre-school education
raising achievement
school leadership
social inclusion
stakeholder involvement
teacher education
transition to employment
universal design for learning
vocational education

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