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Voices into Action (VIA) Toolkit

A digital resource supporting learner and family participation in educational decision-making

Everyone benefits when learners and families have power to influence decisions that affect their lives.

The Agency’s Voices into Action (VIA) activity explores educational decision-making approaches that centre on learners and families. It proposes the VIA Framework for Meaningful Participation in Inclusive Education, which outlines practical and ethical considerations for planning, implementing and evaluating learner and family participation programmes. 

The Agency conducted extensive research and analysed real examples of efforts to include learner and family voices in decision-making. Based on this, the Agency built an online toolkit for education stakeholders to refer to, learn from and apply to their unique contexts.

Read more about the VIA activity in the synthesis report, 'Promoting learner and family participation in educational decision-making'.

Who is the VIA toolkit for?

This toolkit aims to support diverse stakeholders across all levels of education systems to become agents of change in their schools, communities, regions and countries. These stakeholders include:

Graphic: representation of individual learners and families

Individual learners, families, practitioners and researchers

Graphic: representation of local school and community leaders

Local school and community leaders

Graphic: icon of a building, representing regional and municipal bodies

Regional and municipal bodies

Graphic: two hands supporting the earth as a representation of non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations

Graphic: a paper with a pencil, representing the role of national policy-makers

National policy-makers

What is in the VIA toolkit?

Icon: a graphic of an open book with A-Z written on it to represent reference material

Background information

An overview of international and European Union (EU) policy documents that explain learners’ and families’ rights to participation in education decision-making

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Conceptual framework and practical checklist

A list of tasks and resources based on the VIA Framework that can be used for reflecting on, planning and evaluating participatory programmes

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A library of member country case studies and examples from Agency work that you can filter based on relevant topics

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Resource library

A library of resources addressing issues related to learner and family participation that you can filter based on relevant topics