We know some of our member countries like to work in different ways.

We advise and guide each country how to:

image showing teacher and learners

  • Make better plans for education 
  • Have high quality education systems so that every learner feels included



image showing teacher and learners

  • Share knowledge and experience with other countries
  • Look at their education policies to check they are working well 



We give advice and guidance to all our member countries, so they can include more learners in education.

We do this by:

image depicting Policy documents

  • Supporting leaders to write good and fair education policies



image depicting a meeting

  • Running projects so countries can learn from each other 
  • Sharing research so that each country can make education better for everyone. 



image depicting report or guidelines

  • Making guidelines so countries can learn how to change the way education and training happens
  • Writing reports and running events that everyone can share and learn from


image depicting online work

  • Putting clear information on our website about how to include more learners.

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