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image depicting EuropeWe are the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education.



image depicting EuropeWe want everyone in Europe to be included in education and learning. 



image depicting EuropeBeing included in education means:

  • Learning together with friends
  • Learning near to home
  • Being part of society.


Being included in education should happen throughout their life.

Our vision

Our vision is for education to include learners of any age.

image depicting EuropeWe want all learners to have:

  • A high-quality education


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  • Good opportunities in the community where they live
  • Learn in the same place as their friends.



We share this vision with over 30 of our member countries in Europe.

Making the Agency accessible

Being accessible means including as many people in our work as we can.

image depicting EuropeWe want the way we work and our staff to include as many people as possible.



image depicting EuropeWe have written a new policy about this. The policy says what we are doing to make our:

  • Information accessible
  • Website accessible
  • Events accessible. 

You can read our full accessibility policy here.

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