Mapping exercise (2017–2019)

Phase 1 of the Changing Role of Specialist Provision in Supporting Inclusive Education (CROSP) activity covered a detailed mapping exercise on past and current trends and situations in relation to specialist provision, as well as on perceived future trends. It provided an overview of the state of the art in Europe regarding the development of specialist provision and its relation to mainstream inclusive education.

The CROSP team used desk research to develop an activity conceptual framework and a background document. Information from 26 member countries (covering 27 jurisdictions) was collected to map their past, current and perceived future trends and situations in relation to specialist provision.

This detailed mapping exercise identified four main issues that are vital for changing the role of specialist provision:

  • Governance mechanisms to support co-operation among specialist and mainstream provision at all levels.
  • Funding policies and strategies supporting specialist provision to commit to inclusive education.
  • Capacity-building mechanisms enabling professionals from specialist provision to effectively support stakeholders in mainstream education.
  • Quality assurance mechanisms for specialist provision promoting transparent and accountable systems for inclusive education.

Phase 1 outputs

children’s/learners’ rights
policy analysis
policy development

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