Phase 1 of the Assessment in Inclusive Settings project ran from 2005 to 2006 and resulted in a series of materials.

  • A non-European literature review (available in English only) presents literature describing legislative frameworks, the possible purposes of assessment and developments in assessment practice in primary inclusive education settings in non-European countries;
  • Working definitions and project parameters used in the project summarised in a file;
  • Translations of key words related terminology was collected which have contributed to the Agency's Thematic Key Words and Glossary;
  • The main information gathering activity for phase 1 of the project was the preparation of Country Reports describing assessment policy and practice;
  • The main findings from phase 1 project work are presented in the summary report Assessment Inclusive Settings – Key Issues for Policy and Practice available in in 19 languages;
  • A Recommendations Matrix has been prepared as a tool that will help readers to cross reference all the recommendations presented in the summary report and the country reports;
  • A short Assessment flyer summarises key findings from the project in 19 languages;
  • Key policy messages resulting from the project are available in a policy flyer.

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