This section presents all of the Country Resources collected during the ICT4I project. Two types of resources are presented here:

  • Research literature abstracts 
  • Examples of innovative ICT for inclusion in practice. 


The country resources can be searched by thematic area, or specific country.


Resources linked to thematic areas

The use of ICT to support the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD, 2006) is a policy priority for all countries that have ratified the convention and optional protocol. Five key themes identified within the UNCRPD in relation to the use of ICTs in education have been examined in the project. These themes are listed below. 

Country resources - research abstracts and examples of innovative practice - linked to each theme can be accessed from the links below: 

  1. ICT as a key tool for promoting equity in educational opportunities
  2. Access to appropriate ICTs as an entitlement
  3. Training of educational staff in the use of general and specialist ICT as a priority area
  4. The promotion of ICT research and development requiring a multi-stakeholder approach
  5. Data collection and monitoring in the use of ICT in inclusion

Resources from individual countries

From the country links below, all the resources – research abstracts and examples of innovative practice – provided by the participating countries can be accessed. 

information and communication technology

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