Research Abstracts

Nisbet, P. D., and Aitken, S. (2007) Books for All: Accessible curriculum materials for pupils with additional support needs PDF (86kb)

Nisbet, P. (2012) ‘Accessible digital assessments for students with disabilities: specification, formats and implementation in schools’. Journal of Assistive Technologies, 6(2), 136- 151 PDF (86kb)

Nisbet, P., Aitken, S., and Wilson, A. (2011) Speech Recognition Software in SQA Assessments CALL Scotland, The University of Edinburgh and Scottish Qualifications Authority (Accessed August 2013 %20Final.pdf) PDF (123kb)

Burden, K., Hopkins, P., Male, Dr. T., Martin, S and Trala, C (2012) iPad Scotland Evaluation PDF (111kb)

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Mill, C. (20110 Ease of Access Centre Guide for Windows 7: a step- by-step guide PDF (82kb)

Craig Mill, C., and CALL Team (2012) iPads for Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning (iCALL) PDF (82kb)

Allan Wilson and Rebecca Gow (Eds.) (2012) The Eyes have IT! PDF (98kb)

Allan Wilson (Ed.) (2003) Communicating with Pictures and Symbols PDF (90kb)

Millar, S., and Courtney, J. (2011) Keep Talking: Structured Communication Activities for Fun and Learning PDF (90kb)

Innovative Examples of Practice 

Books for All project: provision of accessible learning materials for students with diverse needs PDF (156kb)

Digital question papers (also known as digital exam papers) PDF (131kb)

The Scottish Voice – bringing a high-quality text-to-speech system to Scottish school pupils and the wider public sector PDF (152kb)

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