Country Information

Within the project focussed country information has been collected in order to provide:

  • A description of the reality of teacher education situations in countries;
  • Information on best practice that indicates ways forward/innovations.

The method for collecting this information was a country survey that asked for descriptive information on a number of main issues facing all countries. 

Information from each country is now available in two separate formats:

  1. A database of key topics that highlights the work being done in countries in relation to central issues for Teacher Education for Inclusion.
  2. Country Reports that provide full descriptions of policy and practice in Teacher Education for Inclusion in each participating country.

Database of Key Topics

To accompany the full country reports, a database has been prepared to allow users to search for specific information on central issues for TE4I in individual countries, or to search across countries in relation to the following key topics:

  • Preamble that provides additional information about the context of the full country report.
  • Wider policy framework supporting Teacher Education for Inclusion
  • Structure and content of teacher education courses
  • Competences, assessment and accreditation
  • Issues concerning teacher educators
  • Quality Assurance and follow-up of new teachers
  • Policy into practice examples
  • Teacher Education for Inclusion country literature. This final section presents relevant country literature that is available in languages other than English. Other references, in English, recommended by project experts are also included.

You can access this database information by selecting a country from the drop down menu in the box headed ‘See country information for’ (top right hand corner of this page). 

Country Reports

The overall aim of the country reports is to focus on key issues for teacher education for inclusion. The questions in the survey were based on points raised by the project experts during preparatory activities at the kick-off meeting in Dublin, 2009. 

The Eurybase reports on Education Systems in Europe provide general information on initial teacher training in each country. 

So as not to duplicate information which is already available, only additional information which specifically focuses on teacher education for inclusion was provided by project experts within the country reports. 

The full country reports can be downloaded using the links below.