Early Childhood Intervention Update

This web area presents the results of the Agency project update, which was based on an analysis of Early Childhood Intervention in 19 European countries conducted by the Agency in 2003–2004. The objective of the project update 2008–2009 was to build on the main outcomes and recommendations of the first Agency analysis. 26 countries participated in the update project. Different types of information can be found here: the final report and the country reports.

Final report

The final report presenting the results of the update project includes:

  • Summary of the progress and main changes that have been made in the participating countries and in particular in relation to the five key elements – availability, proximity, affordability, interdisciplinary working and diversity – identified in the area of ECI;
  • A number of recommendations, addressed to policy makers and professionals;
  • Table presenting legislative developments from 2004 to 2009 in the area of ECI in all the participating countries.

The final Early Childhood Intervention – Progress and Developments 2005-2010 report is available on the Agency website. 

ECI situation in the countries

The ECI project country reports are available for download. They comprise two main parts:

  1. information about national ECI services and provisions addressed to children from 0 to 6 years old;
  2. answers to questions related to the five key elements identified in the area of ECI. 

The contact details of all experts involved in the project are available to download as a pdf file (80kb).

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Early Childhood Intervention Update