Reviewing and analysing country policy for inclusive education: Key messages published

A new report outlines the key messages of the Agency’s Country Policy Review and Analysis (CPRA) work to date.

Since 2014, 24 Agency member countries have participated in the CPRA activities to examine and reflect on their policy for inclusive education. The work allows countries to gather individualised information about their own policy. It shows where the gaps are in their policy and recommends actions and priorities which are specific to their country. The review work also provides information and evidence to help countries in international-level reporting, for example towards the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The new report is entitled Country Policy Review and Analysis: Key messages for working with and for countries. It provides the main CPRA findings and processes up to 2020, outlining the benefits of working collaboratively with and across countries while considering developments across Europe and internationally.

The report also looks ahead to the next steps in the Agency’s work with its member countries. It explores the potential learning points from the CPRA work that will inform future Agency policy development work in countries, as well as the Agency’s future work with and for its member countries and jurisdictions.

The CPRA key messages report is available to download on the Agency website. In addition, a four-page Policy Brief highlights the key messages from the main report in a graphic format. The Policy Brief will be translated into all Agency languages.

compulsory education
country policy review
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