New publications examine Agency member country policies for inclusive education

A range of new publications is now available on the Agency website, each exploring different aspects of individual countries’ policies for inclusive education.

Between 2015 and 2019, the Agency worked with 20 countries to analyse their policy frameworks for inclusive education as part of the Country Policy Review and Analysis (CPRA) activities. This year, two more countries (Belgium – Flemish community and the Netherlands) have completed the process, together with one German Land – Hessen. The main results of the policy analysis work with all 23 of these countries are now available on the CPRA web area, together with the Methodology Report for the activities.

The Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion (TPL4I) project team recently worked with 26 participating countries to produce TPL4I policy mapping grids using the project’s policy self-review tool. The grids present the policy information which contributes to teacher professional learning for inclusion within each country. Details of all of the project outputs to date can be found in the TPL4I web area

The final publication from the Preventing School Failure (PSF) project is the Country Information Thematic Analysis. It presents the definitions of ‘school failure’ in each of the 14 participating countries, and analyses the policy to prevent school failure within each country. The information from the countries was used to inform the PSF Project Synthesis Report. The Thematic Analysis, together with all the outputs from the PSF project, can be found in the PSF web area.

For information on these activities, together with all of the Agency’s current and past projects and activities, visit the Projects area of the Agency website. For information on individual Agency member countries, including links to country-specific reports and activities, visit the Country information pages.

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