Supporting all educators to participate in teacher professional learning for inclusion

A new academic article has been published based on findings from the Agency’s Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion (TPL4I) activity.

Entitled ‘Supporting all educators to take part in teacher professional learning for inclusion’, the article was published in the Trends in Higher Education journal in April 2023. It outlines the TPL4I activity, which mapped and analysed teacher professional learning (TPL) across Europe. The analysis found that the Agency’s 2012 Profile of Inclusive Teachers, aimed at pre-service teachers’ competence development, remained a useful tool for broader TPL policy development. This led to development of the 2022 Profile for Inclusive Teacher Professional Learning, which is relevant to all education professionals, not just teachers, and aims to inspire a wider range of TPL for inclusion opportunities.

The article explores the background and methodology of the TPL4I activity, and particularly the development of the 2022 Profile. It describes how a survey explored different education professionals’ use of competence frameworks for inclusion, particularly the 2012 Profile of Inclusive Teachers. The survey examined the relevance of the 2012 Profile’s core values and areas of competence for different professionals involved in inclusive education. Building on the survey’s findings, Agency member country experts identified new competence areas for a wider group of professionals, as well as the essential features of a competence framework for inclusion. The article highlights the resulting 2022 Profile’s potential use in collaborative TPL for inclusion.

Finally, the article outlines the potential to further develop the TPL4I activity to include a full research cycle and to widen the range of sectors questioned in developing the new Profile.

Read the article in full on the journal website. The TPL4I web area provides more information on the TPL4I activity. The 2012 Profile of Inclusive Teachers and the 2022 Profile for Inclusive Teacher Professional Learning are both available to download in all Agency member country languages on the Agency website.

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