Policy must review goals and consider competence areas for teacher professional learning for inclusion, and ensure a continuum of support for all teachers, schools and higher education institutions.

Goals include qualifications, competence areas, pedagogies for inclusion, dialogue about inclusion, alignment of teacher professional learning (TPL) with national/regional and local-level policy goals and system requirements for an inclusive education system. 

To promote the understanding and implementation of inclusive education, TPL for inclusion policy must consider competence areas underpinning TPL for inclusion. Teacher competence frameworks for inclusion are a key element of the policy framework for TPL for inclusion, strengthening teachers’ and schools’ commitment and self-efficacy in inclusive education. They can inform policy discussions on the essential competences for all professionals working in inclusive settings.

In addition, policy must ensure a continuum of support for all teachers, schools and higher education institutions to plan and collaborate in professional learning for inclusion. The continuum of support is crucial, offering diverse professional learning opportunities for inclusive education across all levels where teachers work, including leadership competences, and supporting schools and higher education institutions. 

This was a main finding of phase 1 of the Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion project, outlined in the Final Summary Report. For more information on this project, visit the project web area.

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