Policy to promote ICT for inclusion must consider access, entitlements, training, research and monitoring.

The ICT for Inclusion project analysis identified the following critical issues for ICT in education policies:

  • bridging the digital divide in order to ensure all learners benefit from ICT as a tool for their learning;
  • ICT4I must be seen as a cross-sectoral issue and be considered and visible in all relevant policy fields;
  • the availability and take-up of comprehensive and integrated pathways of teacher training in ICT4I is a vital ‘pre-condition’ for any ICT4I initiative;
  • the perceived gap between ICT4I-related research findings and evidence and classroom practice;
  • the challenge of making meaningful data – both qualitative and quantitative – available for monitoring and informing policy and practice in ICT4I.

These issues are fully discussed in the ICT4I project summary report.

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