ICT for Inclusion – Developments and Opportunities for European Countries

This report presents the main findings from the Agency's Information and Communication Technology for Inclusion (ICT4I) project. It draws upon all sources of project information developed during project activities. The report aims to identify the critical factors that underpin the effective use of information and communication technology in inclusive settings for all learners, but pays specific attention to learners with disabilities and special educational needs.

The ICT4I Policy Monitoring Framework document accompanying the report in the table below is a tool for supporting the different phases of policy delivery. It is intended for policy-makers and practitioners and has been drafted as non-copyright material. It is a Word file which can be adapted, modified and re-purposed as required, provided a reference to the original source is given.

The report is also available in a fully accessible EPUB3 format. This is an extended version with links directly leading to specific country information collected during the project. The EPUB3 format is best viewed on tablets and mobile devices.

For more information about the project, visit the ICT4I web area.

Download the report and the policy monitoring framework below in 22 official Agency languages.

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