To prepare all teachers for inclusion, all educators must have access to a coherent and continuous range of professional learning opportunities focusing on equity and inclusion.

Career-long teacher professional learning (TPL) for inclusion requires a clear policy vision that enables teachers and specialist staff to meet all learners’ needs, rather than focusing on the needs of particular groups of learners. A shared vision of equity is needed to underpin all TPL for inclusion and bridge the gaps on various diversity issues.

The continuum of TPL opportunities ranges from initial teacher education to induction, continuing professional development and the professional learning of teacher educators. In TPL for inclusion, specialist and support staff working with teachers in inclusive education are part of the professional learning continuum. However, in many countries there are gaps between the different phases of the TPL continuum, particularly in induction for beginning teachers and professional development for teacher educators. Policy must ensure that all staff, including specialists and school leaders, engage in career-long competence development for inclusion. 

This was a main finding of phase 1 of the Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion project, outlined in the Final Summary Report. For more information on this project, visit the project web area.

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