Aligning Competence Frameworks for Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion: Conceptual Working Paper

This conceptual working paper presents the theoretical foundation for the process of Aligning Competence Frameworks for Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion. It raises key questions that have been the focus of the extended Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion (TPL4I) project activities.

The paper re-affirms and underlines the need for competence frameworks for inclusion to reflect common values and the evidence found for reflecting on inclusive pedagogy throughout a teacher’s professional career. While stressing the need for commonalities, it also acknowledges the diverse steps taken and frameworks used in teacher professional learning for inclusion.

The paper aims to support all those involved to build teacher professional learning for inclusion into existing frameworks and the work of school teams when broadening the professional learning for inclusion target group.

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classroom practice
compulsory education
country policy review
higher education
lifelong learning
policy analysis
policy development
policy implementation
post-compulsory education
raising achievement
school leadership
stakeholder involvement
teacher education

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