Assessment for Learning and Pupils with Special Educational Needs

This paper summarises the key issues that emerged during Phase 2 of the Agency project on Assessment in Inclusive Settings in applying the concept of Assessment for Learning to pupils with special educational needs.

During the discussions with project experts, one significant aspect of inclusive assessment in practice that emerged was the concept of Assessment for Learning. Most of the project country reports on national assessment systems mention this concept. Within the country reports, Assessment for Learning can be seen as a qualitative type of assessment procedure. This type of assessment – also referred to as 'formative' or 'on-going' assessment – is usually carried out in classrooms by class teachers and professionals who work with the class teacher. It usually refers to assessment procedures that inform teachers about pupils' learning and guides them in planning the next steps in teaching.

Please refer to the Assessment project web area for more information.

The paper is available in 21 Agency languages in both graphic and text-only format.

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