Early Childhood Intervention: Analysis of Situations in Europe – Key Aspects and Recommendations

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is an important area both at policy and professional levels. It relates to the right of very young children and their families to receive the support they might need. ECI aims to support and empower the child, the family and the services involved. It helps to build an inclusive and cohesive society that is aware of the rights of children and their families.

This report summarises the analysis of key aspects of the Early Childhood Intervention project that the Agency conducted during 2003–2004 in 19 European countries. It also provides a list of recommendations, mainly addressed towards professionals working in this field, offering them some practical ideas to reflect on and improve their practice.

Download the report in one of 21 Agency languages as a PDF document using the links below.

early childhood education
pre-school education

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