Financing of Inclusive Education – Background Information Report

The Financing of Inclusive Education Background Information Report examines key EU-level policy documents and statements on funding of education. It considers work from the European Commission, as well as other international organisations, such as the OECD, UNESCO and its institutes, UNICEF, etc. The report takes account of research on general and special education financing models, as well as those specific to inclusive education. It also incorporates relevant research literature provided by participating countries.

The document’s structure is built on the following main themes:

  • The European and international policy context for inclusive education, as well as the impact of the economic crisis on financing and the challenges that the lack of data poses in studying and analysing the field.
  • Funding mechanisms and their impact on the implementation of inclusive education.
  • Effectiveness of funding, accountability and monitoring issues, as well as transparency in relation to governance mechanisms.
  • Equity in financing for implementing the right to education and social participation in school settings.

Download this report below in English. For more information about the project, visit the Financing web area.

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