Key Actions for Raising Achievement: Guidance for teachers and leaders

This guidance provides materials from the Agency’s Raising the Achievement of All Learners in Inclusive Education project (2014–2017). Its aim is to support schools to focus on equity and inclusion in order to provide a quality education and raise the achievement of all learners.

The guidance is organised according to specific actions that are required individually and collectively to raise learner achievement, together with corresponding key messages relevant to the day-to-day practice of school leaders and teachers. Throughout the guidance, practice examples from the project Learning Communities (LCs) and participating countries illustrate what each action looks like in a school context.

By sharing key research and practice examples, this guidance encourages leaders, teachers and other school-based professionals to read, reflect and collectively consider the potential of the project learning for their own situation. Decision-makers can consider effective ways to support the implementation of such practice in their local/national policy context.

Download the file in English below. A Polish adaptation of the guidance is available on the Centre for Education Development’s website.

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