Raising the Achievement of All Learners in Inclusive Education: Follow-up Study

The Agency's Raising the Achievement of All Learners in Inclusive Education (Raising Achievement) project ran from 2014 to 2017. It aimed to provide evidence of effective practice in raising achievement and building capacity to meet a diverse range of learner needs and focused on the following questions:

  1. What pedagogical strategies and teaching approaches (e.g. use of ICT, focus on key competences) best support learning and are effective in raising the achievement (academic and social) of all learners?
  2. How can school leaders best support:
  • the development, implementation and monitoring of inputs and processes for raising achievement;
  • the participation of learners and parents/carers in the learning process;
  • the measurement of all forms of achievement and analysis of outcomes to inform further development?
  1. How can national policy:
  • enable school leaders to raise the achievement of all learners, particularly through collaborative approaches;
  • effectively support learning communities to undertake organisational development?

In order to address these questions, three learning communities were involved in practical work, supported by researchers and school leaders from 23 countries. These were:

  • Istituto Tecnico Agrario Sereni (upper‑secondary school) and Istituto Comprensivo Antonio Rosmini (primary and lower‑secondary school), Rome, Italy
  • Group of Schools in Łajski (primary and lower‑secondary school), Commune of Wieliszew, Poland
  • Calderglen Learning Community (Calderglen High School and Sanderson High School, co‑located mainstream and special school), East Kilbride, United Kingdom (Scotland).

In late 2018, an independent consultant visited the three learning communities in order to assess the Raising Achievement project’s longer‑term impact. This report outlines a programme of work designed to follow up on the Raising Achievement project. It describes the purpose of the follow‑up study, outlines the methodology used and describes the main changes to policy and practice that can be attributed to the project in full or in part, directly or indirectly. Finally, it highlights key learning points from this work for different stakeholder groups in the Raising Achievement project.

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