Mapping the Implementation of Policy for Inclusive Education – An Exploration of Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Indicators

All countries need to track the implementation of new educational policies and legislation. The justifications and pressures for mapping such developments are very clear at international, European and national levels.

Policy-makers are under pressure to demonstrate how policies are leading towards greater educational inclusion. This creates a need for the systematic collection of qualitative and quantitative information that answers key questions and can be used longitudinally within countries to map national developments, as well as internationally across countries to compare relative developments.

This report presents the final results of the Mapping the Implementation of Policy for Inclusive Education (MIPIE) project. The project recommendations presented here provide a detailed agenda for the future short-, medium- and long-term data collection required at national and European levels for mapping the implementation of policy for inclusive education.

For more information about the project findings, visit the MIPIE project web area.

Download the report in English below.

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