Preventing School Failure: A Review of the Literature

The Preventing School Failure (PSF) project examines the evidence to suggest that inclusive education policies have the potential to prevent school failure – both in relation to individuals and the overall system.

The project focuses on desk research, which incorporates two parallel strands. The first strand reviews and analyses European and international research literature on preventing school failure. The second strand focuses on existing national policy measures for preventing school failure.

This review of the literature is the result of the first strand of project activities. It gives an overview of European and international research on the prevention of school failure in relation to inclusive education. It aims to identify ways that inclusive education can prevent school failure. The review identifies key concepts and themes underpinning policy and practice for preventing school failure. Its findings inform and complement the second strand of the project and the development of the project synthesis report.

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classroom practice
compulsory education
early school leaving
organisation of provision
policy analysis
raising achievement
social inclusion
transition to employment

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