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Who we are

The European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education is an independent organisation that acts as a platform for collaboration for its member countries, working towards ensuring more inclusive education systems.

We are the only European body maintained by our member countries with the specific mission of helping them improve the quality and effectiveness of their inclusive provision for all learners.

Our permanent network of ministerial representatives decides upon the specific priorities for our annual and multi-annual work programmes. This ensures that our work aligns with the priorities of the ministries of education in our member countries.

All our work is in line with and directly supports all international and European Union (EU) policy initiatives on education. We aim to ensure equity, equal opportunities and rights for all learners, in particular those who are vulnerable to marginalisation and exclusion, such as students with disabilities and/or special educational needs.

The Agency is funded by the member countries’ ministries of education and supported by the EU institutions. We receive an operating grant via the Jean Monnet initiative of the EU Erasmus+ education programme (2014–2020).


Last modified Apr 20, 2016