The Representative Board is our governing body. It is responsible for strategic decision-making relating to our operations, including approving multi-annual and annual work programmes and budgets, thematic work areas and projects. The member countries’ ministries of education appoint the Representative Board members.

The Representative Board elects the Management Board from its members on a rotating basis. The Management Board ensures that plans and decisions are implemented efficiently and effectively.

Both the Representative Board and the Management Board are headed by the Agency Chair.

The Agency Team, under the direction of the Agency Director, carry out the day-to-day management and co-ordination of our work.

At the operational level, the national ministry representatives develop and maintain national networks and co-ordinate the flow of information to and from member countries.

The Agency’s organisational structure diagram below shows how the Representative Board, Management Board, Agency Team and country networks relate to each other.

Image of the organisational structure of the Agency

The Representative Board consists of a Representative Board member from each member country and the Chair. Below the Representative Board is the Management Board, made up of 5 Representative Board members and the Chair. Below the Management Board is the Agency Team, led by the Agency Director. Finally there are the National Networks, which are maintained by the Representative Board members and National Co-ordinators.

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