FPIES Country Partner: Lithuania

Švietimo ir mokslo ministerija - The Ministry of Education and Science implements the national system of formal and non-formal education, creating conditions for lifelong learning in a changing society. Since Lithuania regained independence, the Ministry has taken the lead in developing the country's inclusive education system and it continuously implements this policy.

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Partner representatives

  • Regina Labiniene: Regina is a Chief Specialist at the Education Support Division of the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science. She is a member of the FPIES Project Advisory Group.
  • Ruta Svarinskaite: Ruta is a Programme Lead for Good Governance, Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis. In the FPIES project, she is a Country Analyst.

The country study visit to Lithuania

The role of the Lithuanian Ministry in the FPIES project was to host one of the six country study visits (CSV) involving policy-makers from three of the other five partner countries. The CSV examined in depth the system of financing special needs and inclusive education in Lithuania and identified features, challenges and opportunities within the model currently in use. A wide range of relevant stakeholders participated in the study visit and discussed the set-up and impact of financing policies in Lithuania.

The state budget is the main funding source for public education in Lithuania. Local governments also contribute by providing additional funding and by influencing the distribution of funds and use of resources by schools. 

The main strength of the Lithuanian system discussed by the country study visitors was a clear commitment to the development of an inclusive education system supporting both performance and equity for all learners. This was evidenced by the will to reframe funding and governance mechanisms. 

The Country Study Visit Reports and Country Reports from Lithuania are available for download below.

Country Study Visit Report

Country Report


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