The second MIPIE project conference was held on 10–11 March, 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. The event was co-hosted by the Agency and the Hungarian Ministry of National Resources, State Secretariat for Education, as an event held under the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 

This second conference linked to a priority for Hungarian education strategy – that of unequal access to educational provision and transforming segregated provision into inclusive settings.

The aim of this conference was to identify ways to collect detailed information European policy makers need in order to map developments in the implementation of legislation and policy for inclusion – as identified in the first project conference in Brussels.

During the Brussels MIPIE conference, policy makers from the participating countries reflected on their current information collection, as well as current and future requirements: the what of identifying and mapping developments towards inclusive education. They identified key issues, priorities and questions associated with such data collection. In the Budapest conference, the same policy makers and data collection specialists discussed how this information could be collected. Summaries of all of these sessions, as well as an overview of country priorities for data collection and key messages for future work are presented in the Budapest Conference report.

The conference was attended by over 60 participants. The various inputs given during the conference programme are available to download as pdf files in the section below.

Conference Presentations

Opening Session

Welcome and introductions to the focus conference from:

Plenary inputs

Data collection in inclusive education, challenges and opportunities:

  • Ms. Lene Mejer, Eurostat and Thierry Huart, Sogeti Consultants: Challenges and opportunities for collecting data on inclusive education / special needs education
  • Ms. Verity Donnelly, European Agency for Development in Special Needs and Inclusive Education: Current debates impacting on data collection for inclusive education

Plenary Feedback Session

compulsory education
data collection

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