New reports on Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion

The final publications from phase 1 of the Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion (TPL4I) project are now available on the Agency website.

The TPL4I project aims to identify the elements of policy that are needed to prepare all teachers for inclusive education and allow them to support all learners.

The project began in 2018, and published a literature review, a policy self-review tool and 26 policy mapping grids last year. The new publications are the final outputs in this phase of work.

The main output of phase 1 of the TPL4I project is the synthesis report, Teacher Professional Learning for Inclusion: An Analysis of Country Policies in Europe. This report brings together the findings of the policy mapping activities and analyses countries’ policies. This report illustrates how policy for teacher professional learning (TPL) for inclusion is implemented and identifies key issues and challenges for policy-makers and providers of TPL for inclusion. It also links to the Agency’s Profile of Inclusive Teachers (2012) and offers recommendations for future policy development work.

The Phase 1 Final Summary Report provides a short overview of the phase 1 findings. It describes the trends in teacher professional learning policies found in the policy mapping activities and relates the findings to previous Agency work. This document is currently being translated into all Agency languages and translations will be available on the website soon.

Phase 1 of the TPL4I project found that the Profile of Inclusive Teachers, which was developed for initial teacher education, may be a useful tool in developing policy along the continuum of teacher professional learning. Therefore, in 2021, phase 2 of the project will explore the Profile’s use as a framework for reflection along the continuum and collaboratively with others. A group of Agency member countries will provide feedback on the Profile and its relevance for teachers at different stages of their profession. The information provided will be analysed and used to revise and update the Profile. The Methodology Report sets out the steps for phase 2. It also presents the project rationale and the steps taken in phase 1 of the project, and highlights possible uses of the project findings.

You can find out more about the TPL4I project and its publications in the project web area on the Agency website.

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