Transition from School to Employment flyer

In late 1999, the Agency began a major project investigating the process of transition from school to employment across Europe. The Transition from School to Employment project involved practitioners in the field of transition nominated by 16 Agency member countries.

National information was collected relating to existing policies, transition process implementation, problems and results. Practitioners were asked to provide relevant information relating to issues such as:

  • access to educational opportunities for young people with disabilities following compulsory education;
  • the existence of transition programmes;
  • the employment/unemployment situation for people with disabilities;
  • the existence of legislation and policy measures regarding transition or actions in favour of employment;
  • sensitive and positive elements in the national situations.

This flyer presents key principles and recommendations for policy-makers and practitioners. A full report on Transition from School to Employment is also available.

Download the flyer in PDF format in one of 13 Agency languages below. 

transition to employment

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