Transition from School to Employment report

This report from 2002 analyses the main issues and options faced by learners with special educational needs in 16 European countries.

The Agency member countries selected the topic of transition from school to employment due to the perceived importance of this field and their shared interest regarding the problems related to training, qualifications and employment of young people with special educational needs.

The report addresses three areas:

  1. Main problems faced by learners with special needs, their families and practitioners regarding transition from school to employment
  2. Key aspects that need to be considered in the field of transition, taking existing problems into account
  3. Main factors which seem to either facilitate or prevent the implementation of a successful transition process at the practical level.

The analysis of these three areas resulted in the identification of recommendations for the future of transition. They are addressed to policy-makers and practitioners and aim to provide guidance on how to improve the development and implementation of the transition process.

Download the report in 13 Agency languages as a PDF document below.

transition to employment

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