Inclusive Education and Effective Classroom Practice – Literature Reviews

Inclusive Education and Effective Classroom Practice (2001) provides an overview of the findings of the first phase of the Agency's Classroom and School Practice project, focusing on the primary school age phase. Inclusive Education and Classroom Practice in Secondary Education (2004) presents an overview of the findings of the second phase, which focused on the secondary level of educational provision. The project focused on revealing, analysing, describing and disseminating classroom practices in inclusive settings in such a way that European teachers can implement inclusive practices on a wider scale in their classrooms.

The Classroom and School Practice project is of particular interest for the field of special educational needs, since it focuses directly on practical aspects of special needs education. Two main questions formed the basis for the study:

  1. How can differences in the classroom be dealt with?
  2. How can mainstream schools be equipped and organised in order to deal with pupils with special educational needs?

Literature reviews were conducted in the participating countries in order to reveal the state of the art of effective inclusive practices. Literature reviews were received from 15 and 12 countries, respectively, and they are presented in these reports. 

The literature reviews can be downloaded below in English as PDF documents.

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