Teacher Education for Inclusion Across Europe – Challenges and Opportunities

Teacher Education for Inclusion Across Europe – Challenges and Opportunities presents a synthesis of policy and practice from 25 Agency member countries. The Teacher Education for Inclusion (TE4I) project investigated how all teachers are prepared via their initial training to meet the needs of more diverse learners in the classroom.

This report draws on detailed accounts of policy and practice in this area of work, prepared by participating countries, and on policy and literature reviews and information gathered during country study visits.

This report sets out the project methodology and background context for teacher education for inclusion in Europe. It includes information about the structure and content of teacher education programmes, including teaching practice, the role and development of teacher educators and the competences considered necessary to be an effective, inclusive teacher.

Examples of innovative practice are included throughout the document, which concludes with a review of the wider policy framework to support teacher education for inclusion and a summary of key issues and challenges. The report makes recommendations both for wider policy and, more specifically, to support further development of teacher education for inclusion.

For more information, please visit the TE4I project web area.

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