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Voices into Action (VIA) Toolkit

A digital resource supporting learner and family participation in educational decision-making

Audience: Ensuring all stakeholders can effectively listen to learner and family voices

Checklist: How to become a responsible listener
  • Strive to understand the topic, recognising that others (learners, families or community members) may be the experts 

  • Join discussions with an open mind and be receptive to all voices in a range of formats 

  • Recognise, encourage and value the importance of intergenerational and diverse perspectives 

  • Prior to discussions, ensure there will be adequate support and means to listen to and understand all views expressed. This may include the need for translation or interpretation while participants are present 

  • Ensure all organisers and listeners are trained to facilitate meaningful discussions among diverse groups

Practical tools

School-Home Support Services, United Kingdom (England)

Parental Engagement Toolkit

This highly detailed training toolkit is aimed at school leaders planning professional development opportunities. It includes interactive training materials to help school stakeholders engage with parents and involve them in their children’s learning.

Lancashire County Council, United Kingdom (England)

Voice of the child

This online guidance provides practitioners with tools to effectively communicate with children and young people. It links to tools and methods that may support them to listen to children’s voices.