The FPIES project activities have led to the identification of a series of inter-connected financing issues, factors and drivers that must be considered within the development of more effective financing mechanisms for inclusive education systems.

The FPIES Policy Guidance Framework essentially focusses upon the what and why of financing inclusive education systems that applies across all country situations. The intention behind this financing policy guidance framework is to support future discussions between policy makers working at national, regional and/or local levels in countries regarding financing policies for inclusive education systems. 

It includes a self-review tool that builds upon the proposed framework. This has been developed to support policy-maker reflection on and discussion about financing policies for inclusive education. The self review tool is available in 25 languages. It is open-source and can be adapted and developed to meet specific country or local situations as needed by country stakeholders for use in specific regional or local level situations, for use with groups of, or individual schools, possibly using different presentation formats or media.

A number of supplementary materials have been developed to accompany the Policy Guidance Framework 

  • A glossary of key terms used in the framework;
  • A description of the methodology for developing this framework and the self-review tool, including a description of how this framework and the self-review tool has been validated with policy makers from all Agency member countries;
  • A graphical overview of the policy issues, goals and objectives presented in the framework;
  • An overview of potentially useful resources for further policy development work.

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