Financing Policies for Inclusive Education Systems: Financing Policy Self-Review Tool

This document presents a self-review tool that can be used to explore policy questions in relation to financing inclusive education systems. This self-review tool has been developed developed in the framework of the Financing Policies for Inclusive Education Systems (FPIES) project, and is part of the FPIES Policy Guidance Framework. The tool is designed to be used by policy-makers responsible for developing and implementing policies for inclusive education at national, regional and/or local levels. 

The tool has the clear intention of supporting reflection on financing policies for inclusive education with decision-makers working in different social sectors – education, health, welfare, etc. – at national, regional and/or local levels.

For more information about the project, visit the FPIES project web area.

The Self-Review Tool is open-source and can be adapted and developed to meet specific country or local situations as needed, provided a reference to the original source is given. It is available for download as a Word file in the official Agency languages.

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