Peder Lykke school and the educational-psychological advisory service (PPR) in Copenhagen

Peder Lykke School was selected as the Danish case study site for Denmark.

In 2004 the Peder Lykke school asked the educational-psychological advisory service (PPR) of Copenhagen to co-operate in developing new methods for assessing children with difficulties. The involvement of the PPR in the mainstream school of Peder Lykke has been one of the essential areas of investigation and has lead to a project called Joint Action.

Host Country Team

Focus of the Case Study Site

The key topic which the school and PPR (the educational-psychological advisory service) were interested in investigating was developing co-operation between pupils, families and school staff in assessment procedures.

The Joint Action team wanted the input of the Agency visiting Team to be specifically upon developing a ‘pedagogical note’ and transforming it into a working tool for the mainstream teacher (a form of IEP linked to on-going assessment).

Please use the links below to access the different materials used during the case study site in Denmark.

Please use the links below to access the documents concerning country approaches on how assessment policy and/or practice supports inclusion in different countries.

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