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Organisation of Provision Project Seminars

The Organisation of Provision project seminars were held in autumn 2013. The key papers and presentations below are working documents drafted for all of the five seminars.

These materials include:

1. Synthesis paper

This paper provides an overview of information provided by participating countries on key issues relating to the organisation of provision for learners with disabilities in mainstream settings. The paper also sets out some of the key questions that were used as a basis for group discussions at each seminar.

2. Information collection paper

This paper summarises information gathered from countries about monitoring and evaluation and outlines some initial ideas about the type of information that might be collected to review the quality of support provided for learners with disabilities. These issues were also discussed during the seminars.

3. Project Overview

This presentation includes an overview of the project and country information.

4. Summary of visit findings

This presentation gives a summary of common factors that were identified during visits to the selected examples of successful, inclusive practice.

5. A summary of the discussions


The materials from each country seminar include presentations about the country policy and practice and information about the schools visited :

Gothenburg, Sweden

Flensburg, Germany

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Valetta, Malta

Vienna, Austria


Information from the seminars contributed to the final project report and to the development of a practical tool to support countries to manage change and move towards more inclusive provision. The practical tool will be available in mid-2015.


Last modified Mar 5, 2015