Key Principles for Promoting Quality in Inclusive Education – Recommendations for Policy-Makers

Educational policy-makers prepared this document to provide other policy-makers across Europe with a synthesis of the main policy findings that emerged from Agency thematic work supporting the inclusion of learners with different types of special educational needs within mainstream provision.

The first report in the Key Principles series was published in 2003 (Key Principles in Special Needs Education – Recommendations for Policy-Makers). It was based on previous Agency work published up to 2003.

This second publication in the Key Principles series draws upon Agency work from 2003 to 2009. It covers the following Agency publications:

The Recommendations Matrix accompanying this report will help policy-makers to cross-reference the key principles and specific recommendations presented in the report with the various Agency project findings used to draft the document.

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compulsory education
early childhood education
multicultural diversity
pre-school education
transition to employment

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