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Cover of the CPRA key messages report

Reviewing and analysing country policy for inclusive education: Key messages published

A new report outlines the key messages of the Agency’s Country Policy Review and Analysis work to date.
14 January, 2022
Teenage learners in a classroom

Preventing school drop-out: peer learning event in Serbia

The Agency has participated in an event in Serbia to explore the different methods used in European countries to combat school drop-out.
16 December, 2021
A smiling child sitting at a desk with books piled to each side

New international reports examine equity and well-being in education

Two new reports have been published which explore equity and well-being in education in Europe and around the world.
15 December, 2021
A group of children sitting on the floor and smiling

Monitoring the implementation of inclusive education in Portugal: School visits

School visits are taking place in Portugal as part of the work to design a system to monitor the implementation of a law on inclusive education.
08 December, 2021
Logo: SISL project

Supporting Inclusive School Leadership project outcomes

Four peer learning activities took place in November to mark the end of the Agency’s Supporting Inclusive School Leadership (SISL) project.
06 December, 2021
Logo: Voices into Action project

New Agency project on promoting the voices of learners and their families in decision-making processes

For education systems to be inclusive, the voices of those in the system must be listened to and their opinions considered. A new Agency project aims to find effective ways to promote these voices.…
01 December, 2021
Children working at desks in a classroom

European Day of Persons with Disabilities 2021

A conference to mark the 2021 European Day of Persons with Disabilities will take place online on 2 and 3 December.
29 November, 2021
A boy putting coloured pegs in a board

Fourth European Education Summit: The next decade of European education

The annual European Education Summit will take place online on Thursday 9 December as part of the European Education Area.
22 November, 2021
Teenage learners in a classroom

eBulletin November 2021

This eBulletin contains news of new Agency publications, statistics and project updates.
18 November, 2021
Logo: CROSP project

Changing the role of specialist provision – thematic workshops

A second round of thematic workshops took place in October as part of the Agency’s Changing Role of Specialist Provision in Supporting Inclusive Education project.
16 November, 2021
Logo: Key Principles project

Key Principles to support policy development and implementation for inclusive education: new Agency publication

A new Agency publication provides a set of 14 key principles to support policy development and implementation for inclusive education.
15 November, 2021
four teachers look at a child's school book

New Self-Reflection Tool for inclusive school leadership

A new self-reflection tool is now available on the Agency website, published as part of the Supporting Inclusive School Leadership project.
12 November, 2021

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