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screenshot of the EASIE presentation

European Agency Statistics on Inclusive Education (EASIE) 2020 Presentation

This presentation summarises the latest findings and updates about EASIE data collection, which will take place annually from 2020 onwards. 

Funding and resourcing systems that balance efficiency, effectiveness and equity issues are clearly linked to regulatory frameworks focusing on overall system governance, accountability and improvement.
Flexible financing systems must ensure a school development approach. This approach should build learning communities through the development of innovative and flexible forms of teaching that combine performance and equity.
Process factors close to children’s everyday life in early childhood education have the greatest impact on the quality of children’s experience and outcomes.
The positive benefits of early childhood education directly relate to and depend upon high-quality structural and process elements, such as funding and parental involvement.
Early childhood is a crucial period of learning and development which prepares children for lifelong learning and participation in society.
Education systems need to move from compensatory approaches, towards more pro-active intervention and prevention approaches that increase all schools’ capacity to provide high-quality support to all learners.

The Agency's Vision for Inclusive Education Systems

Our ultimate vision for inclusive education systems is to ensure that all learners of any age are provided with meaningful, high-quality educational opportunities in their local community, alongside their friends and peers.

Education systems should focus on continuous support for teachers and school leaders in order to increase schools’ capability to raise the achievement of all learners.
School development should be monitored through an ‘inclusive lens’, focusing on equity across all school structures and processes.
Schools should actively engage with research to support innovative approaches to enable all learners to progress.

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