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The effective use of ICT to support learning in inclusive education exemplifies good teaching for all learners.
Access to information is a fundamental right – it empowers learners and facilitates their participation in society
Developing a high quality education system that gives all learners the opportunity to raise their achievement is an ethical imperative.
Inclusive practice benefits from the fight against discrimination, racism and xenophobia, while raising awareness and supporting positive practice at school.
The aim of early childhood intervention is to reach all children and families in need of support as early as possible and as quickly as possible

Inclusive Education: Take Action!

On 16 October 2015 the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union hosted the Agency’s fourth Hearing entitled ‘Inclusive education: Take action!’. The aim of the event was to empower and ensure the involvement of learners in shaping educational policies.

A ‘continuum of support’ is needed to enable teachers to take responsibility for all learners and meet their diverse needs

Removing Barriers and Changing Attitudes

Marina participated in the Agency’s European Hearing in 2007 in Lisbon. She was invited to the 2015 Hearing in Luxembourg to observe three workshops and to present her impressions in the plenary session. Here are her impressions from these two events.

Nothing About Us Without Us!

Elin participated in the Agency’s European Hearing in 2011 in Brussels, and was invited again in 2015 to the Hearing Luxembourg to observe three workshops and present her impressions in the plenary session. Listen to her views on inclusive education and how these events affected her life.

Mainstream schools need to be supported to address the needs of a heterogeneous pupil population regardless of their special educational needs and ethnic origin.

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