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Young People’s Impressions from the 2015 European Hearing

The event took place under the aegis of the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union, aiming to empower and ensure the involvement of learners in shaping educational policies. Young people with and without disabilities came together to discuss how their schools and communities ensure an inclusive education for them.

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The European Hearing

On 16 October 2015 the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union hosted the Agency’s fourth Hearing entitled ‘Inclusive education: Take action!’. The aim of the event was to empower and ensure the involvement of learners in shaping educational policies.

Assessment must be inclusive – all assessment procedures must be used to inform and promote learning for all pupils
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Guidelines for Accessible Information

The ICT4I project focuses on the use of ICT to support the learning of learners with disabilities and special educational needs in inclusive settings within compulsory education.

To ensure that the rights of all learners are fulfilled, countries need to increase the ‘inclusive capability’ of all schools.
Early childhood intervention means as early as possible, as flexible as possible, as close as possible and as short as possible.
The effective use of ICT to support learning in inclusive education exemplifies good teaching for all learners.
Access to information is a fundamental right – it empowers learners and facilitates their participation in society
Developing a high quality education system that gives all learners the opportunity to raise their achievement is an ethical imperative.
Inclusive practice benefits from the fight against discrimination, racism and xenophobia, while raising awareness and supporting positive practice at school.

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