The Agency’s latest open-access publications are available below. The Agency Open Access Policy allows the public to freely access, download and share these resources. Certain resources, such as practical tools, are also open source. You can modify open-source resources to suit your needs. Please refer to the publication information page at the beginning of any publication to confirm its licence and usage guidelines.

Publications are available in up to 25 Agency languages. You can use the filters to search and select the publications you want to see based on their theme, type (such as reports, literature reviews, flyers), the countries they relate to, the language and the year. The Archive filter allows you to select publications from before 2014. You can select multiple filters to narrow down your search.

Visit the publications listing page for a complete list of Agency publications, along with details, links and filters based on theme, type, language, year and file type.

Cover of the Legislation Updates 2019 publication

Legislation Updates 2019

This document presents information on new legislation – laws and policies – for special needs and/or inclusive education that has been introduced in Agency member countries in recent years.
policy review
Cover of the Preventing School Failure literature review

Preventing School Failure: A Review of the Literature

This literature review gives an overview of European and international research on the prevention of school failure in relation to inclusive education.
literature review
Cover of the Follow-up Study report

Raising the Achievement of All Learners in Inclusive Education: Follow-up Study

This report describes the purpose of the Raising Achievement project Follow-up Study, the methodology used and the main changes to policy and practice attributed to the project.
image of page 1 of the Agency Order Form

Publications Order Form 2019

This Order Form presents the Agency’s most recent publications. Click the links in the PDF to access or download the publications in question.
cover of FPIES Self-Review Tool

Financing Policies for Inclusive Education Systems: Financing Policy Self-Review Tool

This tool is designed to be used by policy-makers responsible for developing and implementing policies for inclusive education at national, regional and/or local levels.
self-review/self-reflection tool
cover of the FPIES Policy Guidance Framework

Financing Policies for Inclusive Education Systems: Policy Guidance Framework

This document presents a Financing Policy Guidance Framework, focusing on the what and why of financing inclusive education systems within member country contexts.
cover of FPIES Conceptual Framework

Financing Policies for Inclusive Education Systems: Project Conceptual Framework

This Conceptual Framework outlines the theoretical basis for the Financing Policies for Inclusive Education Systems (FPIES) project.
methodology report
cover of publication

Analysis Framework for Mapping Inclusive Education Policies

This document presents an analysis framework that has been developed to map inclusive education policies.
self-review/self-reflection tool
cover of publication

Supporting Inclusive School Leadership: Literature Review

This literature review aims to examine the available international and European literature in order to identify key concepts underpinning policy and practice for inclusive school leadership.
literature review
SISL policy review publication cover

Supporting Inclusive School Leadership: Policy Review

This document summarises recent international and European-level policy documents that are relevant to school leadership.
policy review
cover of the EASIE Methodology Report 2018

European Agency Statistics on Inclusive Education: Methodology Report – Updated 2018

This Methodology Report puts the EASIE work into a clear context. It describes the methodology applied to the data collection exercise conducted in 2018 (covering the 2016/2017 school…
methodology report
cover of the CPRA revised Methodology report

Country Policy Review and Analysis – Methodology Report – Revised 2018

This report presents the methodology and materials developed within the first three phases of the Country Policy Review and Analysis (CPRA) activities.
methodology report

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